Peer Mentors



We have had our interviews and we have 6 new peer mentors from Year 4. They did wonderfully in their training and they will be an asset to out SPARK’s in 2016/17.  The pupils have even written and produced a sketch do do in our Assembly during Anti-Bullying Week in Oct/Nov. The peer mentors are there to monitor friendship stops on the yard, look out for any bullying and be generally kind and welcoming to all pupils. Our peer mentors are called SPARKS (St Patrick’s Are Really Kind Students) and we are!

We would also like to promote RESPECT in our schools. Please support us in making our school a safe and happy environment for all our pupils.

Always be aware that there are different types of bullying to be aware of:

Cyber Bullying

Physical Bullying

Verbal Bullying

Emotional bullying