Attendance Information

What to do if your child is absent:

If your son or daughter is absent from school we ask that you contact the office as soon as possible.
If we have not heard from you we endeavour to contact you on the first morning of absence. This is to ensure that your child is safe.
If you have not contacted school and we have been unable to contact you, when your child returns to school you must provide a note explaining why your child was absent.
If school are not given a reason for absence we have no choice but to record it as an unauthorised absence.
If children have several unauthorised absences the Education Welfare Officer from the council automatically becomes involved.
How do we count absences?
Each day counts as 2 sessions.  If your child is absent for a whole day they have missed 2 sessions.  If they are absent only for the morning or only for the afternoon they have missed one session.
You will receive letters during the year showing you your child’s attendance score and how many sessions they have missed.
Even if you have good reason for absence and the school have authorised the absence as a valid reason to be off school, it will still count as an absence and will be a lost mark.
Rewarding good attendance and punctuality:
To motivate and encourage the children to achieve good standards of attendance we:
  • Award a weekly prize to children who have been in every day all week;
  • Award a class point (a piece of Mr. Potato Head) each week to all classes with at least 97%, the first class to finish chose a class reward;
  • Hold a prize giving assembly at the end of each term. We award certificates for attendance that term and a prize draw is held with a chance for children with excellent attendance to win a range of prizes.  Parents and carers are very welcome to join the children and staff for these prize assemblies;
  • Hold a special prize giving assembly at the end of the school year, when we reward excellent attendance for the whole year with certificates and prizes.
  • Our school council help us to chose the type of prizes the children will win.
You can download a copy of our attendance policy below.