Children’s Voice

At St Patrick’s we value the opinions of children and parents. To assist children to voice their concerns and opinions we have a school council and peer mentoring system in place. We also value the children’s assistance in implementing and running our School Travel Plan. Please click on these links for further information and pictures on these schemes.

We value the opinions of staff, pupils and parents on how our school is run and how it could be improved in the future. Here are some of the comments we received from children and parents.

‘School has helped me to reach my potential because they have booster classes to help us reach our goals and the teachers are really helpful.’ (pupil)

‘The teachers help us to get along with one another by showing us examples of how to get along with people. They show us how to speak in a nice way.’ (pupil)

‘School encourages us to be good attenders by having prizes at the end of the year.’ (pupil)

‘I know my child enjoys school because they are eager to learn and are always keen to return after school holidays’. (parent)

The school encourages healthy living by the variety of activities they offer.’ (Parent)

‘My child’s first language is not English and they could not speak English when they entered this school. The school helped my child achieve their full potential and assisted him greatly with learning English.’ (parent)

The children often present assemblies on different matters they believe to be important. At the beginning of Anti-Bullying week (November 2014), the children held an Anti Bullying Assembly highlighting the message ‘Being Different, Belonging Together’.