Year 2 trip to Gulliver’s World

We had a great day out in Gulliver’s World today! Year 2 have worked so hard this year and this was a well-earned treat for their amazing SATs results and their brilliant work all year! Thanks so much to Miss Edwards, Miss Price and Mrs Davies for coming to help out Mr Larkin, Mrs Smith and Miss Shack on the trip. Even though it rained a lot, it was the best day ever and the children behaved brilliantly. Well done, Year 2!

11 Responses to “Year 2 trip to Gulliver’s World”

  1. Zuzanna says:

    It was cool at Gulliver’s world I get to go on the flying ride and I realy loved it yay!!!

  2. Latifah says:

    Gulivers World was amazing!✌☺.I wish we could go again!

  3. Mrs Smith says:

    We all had a fabulous day today ,even though it rained all day the children never complained once. Well done Y 2 .

  4. Sophie says:

    I liked when I went on the log flume and when I went on the pirate ship because it gave me the tickles .

  5. Maia says:

    I liked Gulliver’s World because we got to have fun on lots of the rides!

  6. india says:

    that must have been fun

  7. Farhan says:

    I loved gulivvers world because it was so wet and scary!

  8. Farhan says:

    I loved gulivvers world because we went on wet rides and I went in a church.

  9. Zuzanna says:

    Sorry I forgot a emoji because I liked Gullivers world

  10. ellice says:

    the best day

  11. Livvi-mai says:

    So fun!!!!!

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