Investigating bulbs

We have been finding out about bulbs today, as part of our Plants and Trees science topic. We compared pictures of a dissected tulip bulb with what we could see after cutting onions in half. We managed to identify the scale leaves, the basal stem, the roots, the flower bud and the tunic, and we researched why each part is so important to the bulb! Great investigating, Year 2!

STEM Ambassadors visit Year 2

We had a special visit today from Rachel and Caroline – two researchers at the University of Liverpool. The visiting scientists told us all about how they use science and maths in their jobs to develop medicines and to help people to keep their muscles healthy! Our budding Year 2 scientists has lots of great questions; we love learning about how people use science in so many different jobs!

Year 2’s Irish Jig!

Year 2 had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, we were taught how to perform a traditional Irish Jig and had lots of St. Patrick’s inspired art and maths activities throughout the day. Take a look at our wonderful photos from the dance session, we had so much fun!

Key Stage 1 Science Morning!

Years 1 and 2 had a fabulous morning today, taking part in lots of fun science activities. Student teachers from LJMU taught the children lots of great facts about different types of animals and healthy diets.

Take a look at some of our great photos from the session.

Cress seed experiment

Year 2 have been trying to grow cress seeds in different conditions to see what cress seeds really need to grow healthily. We investigated whether the seeds would germinate in the cold if they still had water and light; in the dark if they still had water and warmth; if they didn’t have any water, but still had light and warmth; and if they had water, warmth and light.

The results were very interesting! The seeds did not germinate in the cold or without water, but they did germinate in the dark! As you can see from the picture, though, they don’t look very healthy compared to the beautiful, green cress that was left in the sunlight!


Can any of the older children explain to our Y2s why the cress that was in the dark looks yellow, and the cress that was in the light looks green? There’s a special word for it…

Apple Store visit

Today, the Digital Leaders and Computing Council all visited the Apple Store in Liverpool One. It was really fun. One of the workers showed us a coding app called Swift Playground. It was challenging, but exciting. After that, we got to control BB-8 and we saw a new robot Jimu (he was made from Lego). In the apple store we were taught how to code and program. We saw all of Apple’s devices. We all enjoyed ourselves and I would love to come back again.

By Samiya

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RE assembly – Relating

It was wonderful to see so many friends and families at our RE assembly this morning! Thank you to everyone who came – the children were very proud to show you their wonderful work. It was great to see how much each class has been learning, and their hard work was presented in creative and memorable ways.

Year 2 Maths Club

We have begun a Year 2 Maths Club on Thursday afternoons, so we can try out some extra fun maths games, practical activities and reasoning problems! We love maths!

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World Book Day

Year 2 have really been entering into the spirit of World Book Day! Lots of the children came dressed as characters from their favourite books, and they spent the day moving from class to class to learn about lots of different books! First, we acted out We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with Mr. Larkin, using musical instruments to recreate the sounds of different parts of the story. Next, we went to Year 5 and made some fantastic artwork with Miss Waters, based on The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet! Then, we read Roald Dahl’s The Twits with Miss O’Sullivan in Year 4, designing some funny, revolting beards for Mr Twit with creative descriptions! Finally, we went to Year 6 with Mrs Stocks and thought of some brilliant onomatopoeia for the story Wolves in the Walls. What a great day!

Marshmallow spaghetti towers!

We were challenged to build strong towers using marshmallows and spaghetti! Who’s will be the the strongest? image image image