Year 2 music

This half term, we are learning about how to listen out for and use different kinds of rhythm, pitch and tempo in our music. We are also learning and appraising a brand new song: Zootime! We love it!

Science investigation: How to slow down a toy car!

Year 2 became inventors today by creating their own ways to slow down toy cars! We love rolling cars down ramps, but it’s all over too quickly! We wanted to invent something or find a way to slow the cars down so we could enjoy it for longer. The children had great ideas, including making the ramp less steep, using heavier or lighter cars to see which ones are faster, using different surfaces like carpets, and adding obstacles like speed bumps!

We tested all the different ideas and timed the cars using stopwatches; it was really fun!

What other ways can you think of to slow down a toy car?


Year 2’s Water Squirters

Today in Year 2, we made our own water squirters to start off our new science topic: Toys! We investigated different forces likes pushes, pulls and twists and thought about how we could squeeze a bottle to change its shape and push the water out. We realised that plastic was a good material to use for this because you can squeeze it and change its shape easily, but materials like metal or wood would probably be too strong.

After testing out our squirters, we measured how far the water had travelled; Tyler’s water squirter was the most powerful with the water travelling an amazing 6 m 81 cm!

Visit from the vets!

We loved our visit from 3 amazing vets today! We have been enjoying lots of visits from science in industry partners such as doctors, engineers, safari park staff and nurses, and we have loved learning about how they use science every day in their different jobs. Today, we learned about how vets use science and maths to help sick animals!

Maths Club – Grand National Special

We had a special game to play in Maths Club today. Because the Grand National is taking place this weekend, we decided to have our own maths Grand National race today! The children chose a number at random from 1-10, so they knew where to start their horses. We took turns rolling the dice and, if we could use any of the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) to make our number using the 2 numbers on the dice, then we could move our horses forward one place! Latifah’s horse eventually won the race, but Amanda and John were very close behind! Well done, everyone!

We did it!!!!!

Today, during Eco Club, Mrs Lewis received the call from Eco Schools to say we had achieved our FIFTH GREEN FLAG! Everyone – staff, children and families – has worked so hard towards this and we have a lot to be proud of. We also have lots of exciting future plans! For now, look how delighted Eco Club are!

image image


Year 2’s trees research!

Year 2 have been investigating trees for our very own trees information booklets! We have been focusing on a fir tree, a willow tree and a cherry blossom tree that we found on our school grounds. We have been finding out if the trees are deciduous or evergreen, identifying and describing their leaves and finding out about their bark and flowers. Today, we wanted to measure the height of the trees and the girth of the tree trunks. We measured the girth by seeing how many arms would fit around the trunks, and we measured the height in an interesting way…by seeing how close we could get to the tree and still be able to see the top of the tree through our legs! This distance gave us a close approximation of the trees’ heights!

Year 2 Maths Club

We had a lovely outdoors maths club today! Year 2 got into small groups and collected as many natural objects as they could in 5 minutes. We then put all our objects together and took turns to estimate how many we had collected! We split back into our groups and quickly put our objects into groups of 10 to help us count more quickly. In only a few minutes, we had collected and counted 410 natural objects! Zion won the prize for the closest estimation with 500. Well done, everyone!

Year 2 Tree Detectives

Today, Year 2 started to make our own tree information booklets! We looked at a number of different trees in our school grounds and looked closely at different parts of them such as their leaves, bark, flowers and fruit. We used this information to help us find out what kind of trees we had found, before researching those trees to discover if they are deciduous or evergreen! We can’t wait to show you our finished tree information booklets!

Year 2 Maths Club

We have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes in our maths lessons this week. In Maths Club today, we used sticks and sweets to make 3D shape models! We thought that, if we used 12 sticks and 8 sweets, we could make a cube (as a cube has 12 edges and 8 vertices)…and we were right! Can you see any other 3D shapes that we made?