Synagogue Trip

Year 1 & 2 trip to Synagogue – As part of other faiths week we took a trip to our local synagogue as we have been learning about Judaism. In our school we think it is really important to embrace all religion and cultures. We were fascinated to learn about the Synagogue and learning that we have a very big Jewish community within Liverpool, and even in Toxteth. We were shown lots of artifacts and the boys all had to wear hats as a sign of respect.

Cinema Trip

Year 2 Cinema Trip – In November we were lucky enough to take a trip to the cinema. We were taken on a coach and our teachers bought us lots of treats! It was very exciting. We watched The Muppets and the cinema was really dark. We had a fantastic time


Gymnastics – We have been looking at how to use space in the hall, balancing and teamwork. It was very funny and Year 2 can think of many ways to balance in high and low positions, with friends and using another part of our body other than our hands, feet or head!!! Have a look in our gallery.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature – In Year 2 we have been looking at the wonderful Mother Nature. We have spent lots of weeks collecting leaves (thank you Parents for helping with this) From these we have made collages and printing. Have a look at our gallery below

Year 2 Coordinates lesson…

Today Year 2 have been learning about coordinates. Miss Archer set up a grid on the floor using coloured wool. She put letters along the bottom and numbers up the side. We then had to stand in a square when she told us the coordinate. As we got better we told our friends to stand in a square. We did it till the square was full! After that, we came back to class and played a treasure game using our coordinate knowledge. We had to find the coordinates of the spade, treasure chests, cannons, palm tree, pirates, scroll and a pirate ship. It was lots of fun!

Written by Kelis and Rhiann Year 2

Number bonds

As part of our maths lessons we have been learning our number bonds to 10, but, some of us know them up to 100… We are doing amazingly well. We are using our number bond knowledge to work out addition questions easily and faster. We have turned learning our number bond into a game and we challenge each other! Mr Verdin came in today and was asking us questions. We think he was shocked at how good we were at our number bonds, we were very rapid with our answers!

Friday message…

Hello, Mr. Verdin and I are on a course today, finding out new ways to make your learning more exciting and to stretch you that little bit further! But, as you know, it is Friday so I have a few things I would like you to do over the weekend…

You should all have your scripts for the nativity, so please learn your words over the weekend.

Remember, to read your reading books… Table points will be on offer. If you read Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can get 6 table points… But, you must have your reading record signed!

How did we do today on our reading?

See you all on Monday

A message from Mrs Jones…

…Well hello to all who have checked! Remember your task tonight is to read your reading book, learn the words to your songs and don’t forget your toy for our shopping game!

If you are really keen re-write the story of ‘The Tiger who came to tea’.

See you all in the morning

Mrs Jones

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was born in Florence Italy. Florence was rich and wealthy. Florence Nightingale’s parents did not want her to be nurse. Florence did not let her slaves rest until they had finished the whole place because she wanted  the soldiers to get better. People called her lady of the lamp because she went down every night with a lamp. Florence never left the soldiers in the war. Florence’s great grandson visited Mrs Jones and left her a lamp to give to us. We were freaked out and  surprised that he brought it to our school!! We all held the lamp and showed it to Mr.Kirwan. Three people dressed up Florence and showed work to Mr.Kirwan. We have loved learning about Florence Nightingale.

Blogged by Sean and Kelis (helped by Peter and Nikesh – Year 5)