Helping at home!

I have set a challenge for year 2. I want them to be helpful and thoughtful at home. I would love to hear from any Parents of any stories of their children being helpful and kind!

The morning after the night before….

Good morning!

Well what a successful night. We have all slept, lots of snoring (although people said they never slept!) all in bed and asleep by 9:30. We are all packed, had our breakfast and now waiting for the shop to open! Children running round… Teachers sitting peacefully!!!

See you at 2ish!

A few photos…

I’m having a little trouble uploading photos, so here is a selection! We are having a fantastic time and everyone is enjoying themselves! We will be having our dinner soon mmmmm followed by a night walk….then bed!!

See you all in the morning

We have arrived at Crosby Hall

Greetings from Crosby Hall. We have arrived and our safe! Keep looking at our website to see what we are up to!

Year 2 Poetry

In year 2 we have been learning about poetry and having fun with rhyming words! Have a look at our videos of us performing our poetry!

Poem 1

Poem 2

Poem 3

Poem 4

Poem 5

Crosby Hall

Hello Year 2

Can I remind you all to bring your Crosby Hall letters in please? We will be going on Monday 25th February till Tuesday 26th February. It will be two fun filled days with lots of adults to help you while you are there. If anyone has any questions please come and ask me.

See you in the morning

Last week of term!

Good morning Year 2,

Well the madness of our nativity has finished and we are now in the last week of school. This week is filled with lots of fun activities, starting with our party today (don’t forget to wear your party clothes)

On our blog this week, I want you to tell me the lessons you have most enjoyed doing this term? Also, any of the lessons you have been completely ‘green’ on and any you are ‘amber’ or ‘red’ on, and I will plan some lessons to help you be green!

See you soon

Mrs Jones

Nazca Lines

Good Morning Year 1 and Year 2

As you know it is ‘Awe and Wonder’ week and we are looking at things in our world that are incredible and hard to explain! Our two classes will be mainly finding out about the Nazca Lines in Peru. We can use this blog to post about any amazing facts you have learnt in school or researched yourself about the Nazca Lines!

Happy researching and I will see you in school!

Mrs Jones

Monday night message…

Hello Year 2,
Well our nativity is fast approaching and we really need to learn all of our lines for our play. So all this week I want you to learn your lines. There will be no other homework this week, just to learn your lines!
Good luck and I will see you in the morning!

Year 2 Singing

Singing – We are very talented in many areas… singing is what we are very good at. Here is a sneak peak of our voices – just wait till you here us all in our nativity play! Year 2