Opening our RE box!


Today, we finally opened our special RE box that we had made for our RE display! A long time ago, we filled the box with messages about how to be a good friend and care for other people. We opened the box today, read out the messages and challenged ourselves to meet all the goals, like “give someone a hug”, “smile at someone”, “play with someone you don’t normally play with” and “do something helpful for someone”. Well done, Year 2! You always put a smile on my face and you have been a pleasure to teach this year!

Mr Larkin

IMG_1103 IMG_1104 IMG_1106

Year 2 trip to Gulliver’s World

We had a great day out in Gulliver’s World today! Year 2 have worked so hard this year and this was a well-earned treat for their amazing SATs results and their brilliant work all year! Thanks so much to Miss Edwards, Miss Price and Mrs Davies for coming to help out Mr Larkin, Mrs Smith and Miss Shack on the trip. Even though it rained a lot, it was the best day ever and the children behaved brilliantly. Well done, Year 2!

African music and dance with Movema!

We had a fantastic assembly this morning learning about African countries, languages, music and dance with Movema! Years 1 and 2 have been learning about Africa for International Week, and we enjoyed our amazing workshops with Movema after the assembly. We learned some traditional African songs with calls and responses, played African percussion instruments and even created our own dance routines based on the African dances we had learned!

Transition, our new Year 3s

IMG_2809 IMG_2810 IMG_2812 IMG_2814It was lovely to spend some time getting to know you today Year 2! I feel like we’re going to have a great year. By the way, I was super impressed with your mapping skills!

International Week in Year 2

We have been learning more about Africa today, in Year 2. We researched how many African countries started with the letters B, C, G and M, and made tally charts and bar charts using the data. We also looked at different African flags and made artistic representations of them with paints. Finally today, we used our Bamboo Tamboo set and our African djembe drums to create 3 simultaneous rhythmic phrases about African animals!

African Food!

This week is International Week in St. Patrick’s. Years 1 and 2 are learning about Africa all week, and today some of our parents made some delicious African food for us to try! Thank you so much to all the parents who came in to help us! We loved it!

During the week, we will be doing lots of art, maths, writing, geography, music, history and PSHE activities linked to Africa! We can’t wait!


Key Stage 1 Philharmonic Concert

Years 1 and 2 went to a special concert today at the beautiful Philharmonic Hall to see the world famous Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra! The musicians and the narrator (Cerrie Burnell from CBeebies) told the story of Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella through music and words – it was amazing! We were so proud of the children, who listened so well, identifying all the instruments that were playing and the musical families they belong to. We even got to meet Rachel from the orchestra afterwards, who showed some children her violin and received some instant feedback from Brandon: “I wish we could see this every day!”

Year 2 trip to Wirral Country Park

Year 2 have just enjoyed a fantastic trip to Thurstaston! Mr Kirwan took us on a brilliant walking trail along the beach and showed us where smugglers used to try to sneak in banned goods in the past! We also made some amazing sand sculptures based on our designs as part of our art topic. Miss Shack also took a group of artists to draw some sketches of the beautiful surroundings. What a great day!


We have been learning to programme Spheros using the app on our iPads. We can move the robot around, programme a route for it and even record a message for it to deliver!

Barnie the Dinosaur

We had a special visit from Barnie the Dinosaur today to help us start our new whole-school book “Dear Dinosaur”! Barnie was a little bit silly, but he was very friendly! We learned about the height and length of a real tyrannosaurus rex, as well as finding out about their diet. We can’t wait to read our new book!