African Food!

This week is International Week in St. Patrick’s. Years 1 and 2 are learning about Africa all week, and today some of our parents made some delicious African food for us to try! Thank you so much to all the parents who came in to help us! We loved it!

During the week, we will be doing lots of art, maths, writing, geography, music, history and PSHE activities linked to Africa! We can’t wait!


Beautiful butterflies!

We have learnt so much from watching our caterpillars turn into crysalides and hatch into butterflies! We fed them carefully and learnt about their life cycle. Then this morning we had a very special experience. We held a collective worship outdoors with our buddies from Year One and released our butterfly friends into our lovely forest school area. We wished them well and will be looking out for them from now on!

When we were outdoors later we enjoyed drawing our own butterflies with chalk.

Have a look at our special memories!

Key Stage 1 Philharmonic Concert

Years 1 and 2 went to a special concert today at the beautiful Philharmonic Hall to see the world famous Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra! The musicians and the narrator (Cerrie Burnell from CBeebies) told the story of Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella through music and words – it was amazing! We were so proud of the children, who listened so well, identifying all the instruments that were playing and the musical families they belong to. We even got to meet Rachel from the orchestra afterwards, who showed some children her violin and received some instant feedback from Brandon: “I wish we could see this every day!”

Pond rescue!

On Friday Eco Club had a wonderful time rescuing tadpoles and other pond wildlife from our old pond, and moving them carefully to our beautiful new pond. Two frogs kept popping their heads up to watch us! Can you remember some of the creatures you spotted Eco Club?

Year 1 trip to Formby

On Thursday year 1 went to Formby National Trust Squirrel Park. We met Mel and Fiona who showed us around four different habitats within the park. We had to use our senses to figure out what types of animals and insects would live in the different places. We even got to help save some starfish on the beach and put them back in the sea, where they live!

We had an amazing day and all the children were a real credit to our school! Well done year 1 😃


Simple Pulleys

Year 1 carried out a test in order to see if simple fixed pulleys were able to lift different objects. We made simple fixed pulleys using string, a chair, a straw and tape and we lifted different objects up. We pulled down on the string in the same direction as gravity and the object lifted up with the force. The class thoroughly enjoyed the science experiment and it gave them an insight into forces, friction and gravity.

IMG_0885 IMG_0886 IMG_0887    IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0896 IMG_0897 IMG_0898 IMG_0899 IMG_0900 IMG_0901  IMG_0903 IMG_0905 IMG_0906 IMG_0907

Y1 enjoying the new equipment

Year 1 are really  loving the new equipment we have on the yard. What is your favourite piece of equipment?


The Dark Conscience Alley

Year 1 have been reading the The Dark by Lemony Snicket, we have been thinking about what advice we would give Laszlo when the dark was taalking to him. The children created a conscience alley to give Laszlo advice.

Can any of you remember what advice to gave Laszlo?


Year 1 Capacity

Year 1 have been really busy measuring, we have measured length, wieght and now we are learning about measuring capacity.

We have sorted containers intot groups ‘more than 1 litre’ and ‘less than 1 litre’. How do you think we have done?


Science Poems KS1 Summer Term





Here are some poems which our KS1 children might enjoy reading.  They all link to your science unit, Toys: and introduction to phyics.

Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.39 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.39 #2 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.40 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.41 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.41 #2 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.42 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.42 #2