Knowsley Safari Park Visitor

Foundation had a fantastic time talking to Laura from Knowsley Safari Park. They found out lots of information about how to look after animals and the different ways they are fed. The children asked questions about how to look after the penguin that has turned up at St Patrick’s.

Merry Christmas from Early Years!

Nursery and Reception had a fantastic time and performed brilliantly at their Christmas shows last week! Thank you to everyone who came to support us. Then on Friday we had an extra special visitor!


Growing together – tree planting with our families

Children from Nursery and Reception enjoyed planting trees with Mrs Rogers helped by their families on Thursday afternoon. We will look after them very carefully!

Magical musical instruments!

We had so much fun on Thursday when lots of our families came in to help us make festive musical instruments from things we would normally think of as rubbish! We have been learning about materials and recycling, and will use the instruments we made in our Christmas performance next week!

Marvelous measuring!

Today we have been enjoying developing our maths skills outdoors by measuring distances in different ways. We have been investigating how many large or small steps it takes to cross different areas, and how many children it takes to measure around the outside of our equipment!

Make it count

Some of the families from Nursery and Reception are taking part in a new project called ‘Make it count’. Each week we will be making exciting things using math to help us.This week we made fantastic kites and flew them outside. Next week we are making our own sculptures from recycled materials. Thank you to everyone who came along!

Mrs Kellet

Halloween Rice Crispy cakes

Foundation have been making  Halloween Rice Crispy cakes and they were yummy!

Welcome to our picnic on the moon!

Thank you so much to all the families who joined us for our space-related activities yesterday, and who have supported children’s learning so well throughout our space theme over the past few weeks. We have loved reading “Whatever Next!” and found the book led to all sorts of exciting science and maths activities as well as being a great read. Yesterday we celebrated some of our learning through family activity sessions…with lots of tasty snacks!


Foundation Pizza Planets

Foundation children are ready for their ‘picnic on the moon’ tomorrow, with their Pizza planets.


Foundation Stage Rockets

Foundation Stage have had great fun making rockets to take Bear to the moon, linked to our

‘Whatever next’ book.