Gardening – Foundation Stage

Here we are planting trees in our garden. Watching the film “The Lorax” helped us to learn about how important trees are, and we do love our gardens!

Cinema Trip – Reception

Reception had great fun going to see “The Lorax” at Liverpool One as part of National Schools Film Week. Rafa bear enjoyed it too – especially when we met Pudsey Bear on the way back!!!

ZooLab – Foundation Stage

St. Patrick’s had a visit from Zoo Labs, who came to teach us about different animals. They even brought some along! The children saw a giant snail, a snake, a tarantula and a rat! They were all very friendly creatures so nobody needed to shout “I’m a Foundation Stage child – get me out of here!” Take a look at some of these photos!

Gardening and Nature activities

In November, parents were invited to come to Foundation Stage to join in with some gardening and nature activities. The children decorated pine cones, made leaf rubbings, tended to our garden area and planted some seeds in a special part of our play area. Thank you to everyone for coming in and helping the children so nicely!

Aiken drum song

In Foundation stage we leaned a song called Aiken drum and played it with the instuments,we really enjoyed it.We thought about what to put on the display and made a head of a pumpkin, legs out of sausages and shoes out of lobsters!

By Sarah and lilly with the help of Antonia and Aex

learning about space

In Founation stage we have been learning about the fist moon landing and we pretended to walk on the moon. We also made parachutes and used them with our mini me figures. In addition, we read lots of alien stories and learned about Mars,Satern and the moon. Finally, we made rockets to set off and helmets to keep safe. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, BLAST OFF!

By Seann, Joshua, Dylan and Deshawn. With help from Antonia and Alex

nursery and reception halloween

In nursery the children wore costumes today. Yesterday, they made pumpkins for fun. They also made skeletons out of straws and now they are going to read a scary stories but not really scary… they were just pretending.They also made ghosts and decorated them with pumpkins, bats, cats, spiders and witches. They made spider webs with gliter and glue. They read a book named funny bones.In reception,have been doing the same thing. They got special halloween stickers for being good. Some of reception are going to the halloween party later. They cut a pumpkin and made some pumpinks with torches inside them. They made broom sticks and decorated them.

The staff up in Foundation Stage also dressed up…Mrs Hughes was a vampire, Mrs Rowan was a witch, Mrs Spencer was a witch, Mrs Kellett also a witch, Mr Larkin was a Victorian Villain and Mrs Potts a ghost. They all looked really funny!

Blogged by all the children in nursery and reception (helped by Halima, Keira and Maria in Year 5)