Super sandwiches!

We made egg sandwiches yesterday in Foundation Stage with free range eggs collected by Reception at the farm last week! Yum yum!

Making electrical circuits in Year 2

Year 2 have begun to learn about how electricity works. We looked at household items that use electricity and talked about some important health and safety issues, before carrying out an investigation into electrical circuits. We used batteries and crocodile clips to make closed circuits that included bulbs, buzzers or motors; some groups even managed to include all 3 at once, but we found that we sometimes needed more batteries as an extra power source to make sure there was enough electricity to share around!

Great work, Year 2! How many household items can you think of that use electricity?


Fun on the farm!

Reception had a WONDERFUL time at Church Farm today. We met and were able to hold rabbits and guinea pigs, then learnt about chickens and eggs while collecting eggs ourselves from the hen house! We are going to use them to make sandwiches for our role play cafe on Monday. Then we went on a tractor ride, stopping off to feed donkeys, alpacas and sheep. After that we fed ourselves, and were joined by a cheeky chicken at lunch time! We went to see some more animals, then had fun at the indoor beach, played on pedal tractors, and finished the day with a yummy ice cream. We had so much fun and learnt a lot. We were also told how wonderfully we had behaved (as usual!). Well done Reception!

Evolution Day

Yesterday, Mr B visited us for a very special science themed day. We learnt all about Evolution and Inheritance through lots of different activities.

Firstly, we learnt about different theories and famous scientists, followed by a fun and exciting sports session before lunch. Finally, we worked together to look at special fossils and sort them.

Can you tell me a fascinating fact you have learnt year 5?

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Dr Luke’s Visit

This morning, Dr Luke came to visit us. He works in intensive care looking after people.

We leant A, B and C. They all have a special meaning.

A – Airway
B – Breathing
C – Circulation

Dr Luke told us how to put someone in the recovery position if they are unconscious. We practised on our friends.

He then taught us CPR and we got to have a go on the special model who we called Mr Lowry.

We also looked at Brendan’s airway on an ultrasound machine.

By Alexie, Fayrooze and Kenzy

IMG_1922 IMG_1923 IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1928 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1935 IMG_1936

Ruaa’s dad’s careers visit

Ruaa’s dad is a bone doctor.  He visited year 3 today to help us understand bones! It was great to have a specialist help us with our topic! Thanks, Dr Mohammed! image image image image image image

Science on a sunny day!

We love being outdoors whatever the weather, but the sun can be lots of fun! Today we had ice pops as a lovely treat, and talked about freezing and melting, and how things melt more quickly when there is more heat. Back in the shade, we also looked carefully and closely at a grasshopper (before letting him go in the garden), and were impressed by his long legs for jumping! We also were amazed to see that our caterpillars have started to turn into crysalides! We have to be really careful not to disturb them now. We finished the morning with collective worship, thanking God for our wonderful world and all the amazing creatures.

Expedition to Hilbre Island

Yesterday, we went to West Kirby Beach and met Mr Kirwin, it was a fun trip to go on. We walked though wet ,sticky sand to a island called Hilbre Island  in the middle of nowhere. We found a tiny crab that was running around us (it was a crazy crab). Our feet were covered it slimey sand. Everyone went into a dark, gloomy  cave – it was really scary! No one could hardly fit in it.

We went had to go around Little Island before getting to the big one. It was full of shells (which we collected) and grass. We saw lots of wildlife there too. We also saw a family of seals which was amazing! We all used our binoculars to find them.

Before going back to school, we had a sandcastle competition and ice creams on the beach.

Brendan, Jessie and Kara

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Sports scientist visit

A great visit from a sports scientist yesterday! Ollie had worked at Rio Olympics last year, and we loved hearing about how he supported the swimming team using biology and physics. Lots of our y3 children are interested in becoming sports scientists now.image

Bird feeding station

I had a lovely time with Isacc, David, Janet and Joseph on Friday, setting up our new bird feeding station.

We put in lots of different types of feed to suit different species of birds: peanuts, seed and fat balls, and a dish of water too.

Make sure you are calm and quiet in the science garden and try not to touch the feeding station. If you’re lucky you might spot some feathered friends!image image image image