Maths Party

IMG_2828 IMG_2829 IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2833Great fun at our maths party today, the children played so well together, and we revised rounding, multiplying by 10 and 100, and estimation!

Magical moments with our new friend Barnie!

We have had a memorable morning meeting Barnie the T Rex! He looked fierce, but was actually really gentle…although he did seem to want to nibble Mr Larkin’s laptop! We then helped to show how long and how tall a real T Rex was, which fits in with the measuring activities we have been doing in class. This afternoon we are going to do some special writing and drawing about Barnie, like Max in our whole school book “Dear Dinosaur”.

Early Years Election Day!

We had a wonderful time on election day learning about the importance of voting, and in simple terms how the voting system works. As we are learning about dinosaurs, we read and discussed information about three different dinosaurs, and then voted for our favourites. We had one vote each, ballot papers and a ballot box. Later we sorted and counted the votes. The scores were diplodocus 14, Tyrannosaurus Rex 13, and Stegosaurus 1! (A hung dinosaur parliament – how exciting!)

Later we used our vote again to select our dinners.

Have a look at our pictures below!

Mystery giant footprint!

What a week we have had in Nursery and Reception! On Monday we found a GIANT footprint in our sandpit! We wondered whether it could have been made by a lion, tiger, bear, Gruffalo or dinosaur… So we began to investigate.

First we wrote questions together about what we wanted to find out. Then we wrote observations and news reports about what we had seen, and kept watch. Next we measured the footprint, and drew a footprint on paper exactly the same size. We also had fun mixing paint and making footprints of our own!

In our research we found out from the internet that it couldn’t have been made by a leopard or tiger as it was too big. But then we found out that some dinosaurs had four toes, just like the footprint… We will have to find out more about dinosaurs…!


Year 1 measuring

Year 1 are learning about measuring, we have learnt how to use non-standard units of measure for length and weight.



Collecting very important data…

image image Mrs Davies has eaten some of Miss O’Sullivan’s skittles… or so she believes. We have been collecting data on the skittles, representing it in frequency tables and bar charts, and solving problems to find out if it’s true!


CAFOD fundraising

Look how much money we raised for the big fish project!image

Visit from the vets!

We loved our visit from 3 amazing vets today! We have been enjoying lots of visits from science in industry partners such as doctors, engineers, safari park staff and nurses, and we have loved learning about how they use science every day in their different jobs. Today, we learned about how vets use science and maths to help sick animals!

Maths Club – Grand National Special

We had a special game to play in Maths Club today. Because the Grand National is taking place this weekend, we decided to have our own maths Grand National race today! The children chose a number at random from 1-10, so they knew where to start their horses. We took turns rolling the dice and, if we could use any of the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) to make our number using the 2 numbers on the dice, then we could move our horses forward one place! Latifah’s horse eventually won the race, but Amanda and John were very close behind! Well done, everyone!

Year 2 Maths Club

We had a lovely outdoors maths club today! Year 2 got into small groups and collected as many natural objects as they could in 5 minutes. We then put all our objects together and took turns to estimate how many we had collected! We split back into our groups and quickly put our objects into groups of 10 to help us count more quickly. In only a few minutes, we had collected and counted 410 natural objects! Zion won the prize for the closest estimation with 500. Well done, everyone!