Our Trip to the Art Gallery and Museum.

On Tuesday, we went to visit the art gallery and the museum. We got into groups of  two. then we wondered around  to look at the amazing art. We did not belive that some of the art had been painted. One of the paintings was painted near Calderstones Park. Can you belive that? Then we walked over to the mueseum. We looked at the continents we have been studying – Africa, Asia, Australasia, South America, North America and Europe. We all had a great time.

By Alex and Gouma

Zoo Lab

On Monday,  Alex from the Zoo Lab came to St.Patrick’s. She showed us all different kinds of animals from all over the world. The first animal she showed us, was a giant African land snail from the centre of Africa which came from the rainforest. Almost every one held the snail but most of year six were scared.  Alex said that the male is smaller than the female, which can grow  up to the size of a dinner plate.  Alex also brought in a tarantula which lived in a rainforest in South America. The male is smaller and in due time it will be eaten by the female, then she will lay her eggs (up to five hundred!!). Then she will die. Afterwards she showed us a cane toad from the swamps of Florida. We learned that when a toad eats its food they bring it into their mouth and blink very hard so there eyes drop out of their sockets and push the food down their throat.  After the toad she showed us the corn snake, we all got to hold it. Its skin was scaly and smooth. After we held it she told us that when it sheds its skin it can take every single part of thier old skin and wriggle out of it , even their eye covering. It  can take up to fifteen minutes to shed. The last animal that she showed us was a white rat ,that came from the countryside , but also lives in towns and villages throughout the whole world. They live on corn, wheat, bread and almost everything. There are more rats in the world than the human population. You should look at our pictures on our year 6 class page. We hope you reply!

By Melikah and Deljai

Year 6 trip to West Kirby

We all ran outside so excited ,there were two groups then we set off!!! It was  a  very long  journey.Finally, we got to the beach but it was to damp so, we went on another journey to Thor’s Rock. It was a lot of fun.We went back to the minibus but it was raining  so we had our lunch in the minibus.The rain was clearing up a little so we all headed back to the beach.  We started our joureny to the little island .We reached the little island and sir  (MR.Kirwan) told us some interesting facts. After that, we walked all the way to the big island and we saw some seals and they were poping there heads out the water. For many of us this was the first time we’d seen seals! Then, we headed back, all of us were hating the excrushiating pain from the non stop walking! On the way we saw crabs and frogs. Robyn,Vincent,Armane,Joesph,Teo,Sophie and Reece all fell over lol.  We arrived at the minibus and we all changed are muddy, sandy shoes into clean ones. Finally, we arrived at school. It was the longest journey but in the ended  we were so happy !!! I think we can say that everyone (staff and pupils!) had a great trip.

by Mia and Reece