Year 6 have enjoyed working with the gardener – they are trying to create environments to encourages bugs and other wildlife. Here’s some photos of their work so far

Year 6 Golf

We enjoyed a morning introducing us to golf – here’s some of the pictures of our morning.

History – The Victorians

We have been learning about famous Victorian people. We created comics about the lives of Thomas Barnardo, Florence Nightingale and Lord Shaftsbury.

Tyrell, Patrick and Miguel

Mya and Chloe

Gouma, Carl and Joanie

Deljai, Mundher and Mohammed

Alex, Elise and Fahima


Look at the posters we have created for our RE topic (Loving) and our work in SEAL (New Beginnings). 

Art: William Morris

In year 6 we have bean learning all about William Morris’ art. We used William Morris’ style to create our own art work. The things that we have been doing have been great fun such as carving our own William Morris intrucate backgrounds onto polystircine. We then used a roller to transfer our pattern on to paper.

Also, we used glass pens to draw our pictures out of our art book.If you made a mistake you could not rub it out so,you need to take your time.Then when you have done that you put it on a bold foreground. It was a very long lesson but in the end, it was worth it because the lesson was exceptionally great.

by Patrick Lavelle and Tyrell Morton…

Maths: finding the perimeter of shapes in our school

Yesterday, in year 6, we lerned how to find the perimeter of 2D shapes.

We got into partners and went around the school to find shapes that we could measure the perimters of. We recorded each other on the ipads measuring the sides of shapes and talking about how to find the perineter of the object.

Its more realistic than writing in a book, beacuse we could see what it looks like, and how it would be measured in real life situations. Also, it was far more fun than writing in a book!

By Carl and Andres.

Passport to the world: tasting food from other cultures

In year 6 we have been tasting food from different cultures.

We tasted the coconut fudge cake not everyone liked it. The fudge cake was from Morocco also the olives, three people tried it that’s how bad they tasted! But the fudge cake was alright, Mrs Lally ate all the olives because most of the children didnt like them.

Our class tasted the tortilla chips, Mohammed and Hamsa loved them and were going back for more, you dipped it into the guacamole which was made of avacados,tomatoes and a herb called corriander. By the way they were from Mexico.

We also, tasted food from Thialand we tasted mangos and everyone loved them and they were going back for more.Then we tasted lychees and only a few people tried them because they looked funny.

In addition, we tried banana bread from Papua New Guinea and a couple of people were fussy about it. Elise took home a napkin full of banana bread because she loved it so much!

By Antonia and Desire

A Message for Year 6 Pupils and Parents…

Our class blog page is now up and running. Please take some time to comment on pupils’ blogs. If you visit our class page you will see lots of the interesting things we have been working on in class. Also, if you view our class page, you will find web links to help support the topics we are learning in class!

Mr. Verdin

The Bug House

Mr Verdin showed us photos of bug houses a couple of weeks ago because we were going to build one  with the gardener (Rachel). Then we decided to design them in our books so we could have an idea what they would look like. As the weeks passed, it began to look better and better until finally, we finished our bug house. We hope you can find the time to look on our school website on our photos page. We really enjoyed making our bug house, hopefully year 1 and 2 children will use it as part of their minibeast topics.

By Mohammed and Elise

3D Shapes

In Maths we used midget gems and cocktail sticks to make 3D shapes. We made square based diprymids and cuboids in addition to prisims. There are some pictures of the shapes on the Year 6 class page. We really enjoyed taking apart the shapes at the end… We also enjoyed eating them!

By Mundher and Mya