Science club

image image imageTonight at science club we were classifying insects and arachnids. We had to do some research to find facts about some of the mini beasts. For example, we didn’t know if the preying mantis flies….our search told us that females don’t, but males do! This made it tricky to classify.

We made venn diagrams to sort the creatures.

Afterwards we went on a bug hunt in the secret garden! We found ants, woodlice, aphids and a beautiful green beetle that we can’t identify yet. Watch this space!


Are the parts of a flower identical across different species?

Year 4 were set a challenge today, do the parts of a flower look the same in different species? They dissected lilies and tulips, organised the different parts into a poster.  What did you conclude Year 4?image image image image image image

Spotting patterns in nature

Year 4 have been learning how to identify patterns in nature today.  They wanted to find out if the size of holly leaves corresponds with how many spikes they have.  They measured the length of each leaf from the base to the apex and counted the number of spikes.  The children recorded their data into a table and then plotted it into a scatter graph.

image image image image image


Our first science club


We had such a fun science club!

As KS2 are learning about plants and photosynthesis this term, our club will reflect what we’re doing in class. This week we planted some wild flower seeds. We used magnifying glasses to investigate and observe the seeds! Jerome predicted that the seeds would be different, and he was right! The children were shocked to see all of the shapes, sizes and colours that seeds come in! We have planted the seeds and cannot wait to see what they grow in to.image

The science skills we developed this week were:

To get better at asking Scientific questions.

To make careful observations.


I’m already excited for next week!



Shy Lowen

Today years 4&5 went to Shy Lowen stables.We mesured our horses with a special type of tape mesure.The horses get measured in hands and to mesure their weight they just need to wrap the mesure around there waists. There were only 8 horses chosen

Kaden & Teddy, Amy & Camilla, Alannah & Rolo, Kenzey & Bayley, India & Harry, Leighton & Curly and Derrim and Shalim

by Alannah

Shy Lowen Stables Week 4

Today, lucky students from year 5 & 4 went to Shy Lowen stables. We have already been three times and it was fun! For the first time we went, we had to choose our horse. They were all lovely but only 8 were chosen.

Teddy & Kaden, Curly & Leighton, Rolo & Alannah, Bailey & Kenzy,Warrick & Benjamin, Camilla & Amy, Harry & India, then Shallam with Derrim.

For The second & third time we went we had to brush our horse.

Today, the fourth time we went we had to measure how big and how heavy our horse was.


– Kaden McDonald

Shylowen Stable 🐴

India’s horse is called HARRY

Kenzy’s horse is called BAILEY

Derrim’s horse is called SHALOM

Leighton’s horse is called CURLY

Horses communicate to us by moving their ears

males are called geldings females are called mare

There are 53 horses at the stable 🐴🐎

St Patrick’s Day fun!

Year 3 and 4 all had a go at making Celtic knots this morning. We used our school badge as inspiration as well as images of real Celtic artwork.

IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0429 IMG_0435

(We had a little jig to Lord of the Dance too!)


IMG_0419 IMG_0420 IMG_0427 IMG_0430 IMG_0431



Irish Day/St Patrick’s Day Celeberations

What a fantastic week we have had celebrating different countries and their cultures! For Irish Day and St Patrick’s Day we had different musical workshops, made traditional Irish biscuits and got very creative with Celtic art.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who has helped us out!

K’nex Club

At K’nex club, we’ve broadened our building horizons and now use a special building block called Kapla to create structures with as well as K’nex!


Have a look at what we’ve been designing!


IMG_1637 - Copy IMG_1646 IMG_1641 IMG_1670 IMG_1635 - Copy