Investigating Pendulums and Thermal Energy

Our last two Science lessons have had us deepening our understandings of kinetic, potential and thermal energy.

We built our own pendulums to investigate how the length of the line would impact kinetic and potential energy. In the following lesson, we found out why ice melts faster on a metal block than on a plastic block.

Can anyone remember why this happened?


The Moon Man

We’ve been studying the Moon Man in English and last week we did a drama lesson to describe the Moon Man’s crash landing on Earth. The children choreographed and scripted their own scenes before performing to the rest of the class. There were some absolutely fantastic performances. Check out the photos!

Zoo lab workshop



Today the Zoo lab come in I held a corn snake Owen was being scared of  the Animals.All of the animals was creepy for Owen!I loved the Zoo lab I hope they come back with new animals and bigger snakes.Kerin and Dylan were terrified of the Animals.

Whoe ever reads this thanks from Dixon and Owen




Safety assembly by Ali and Cameron

In assembly we learnt how to be safe everywhere. Mrs Jones taught us how to be safe online,crossing the road and to not meet up with people online. It was a brilliant assembly.Now people know how to stay safe everywhere.



Safety Assembly

Today in assembly Mrs Jones was talking about safety. If you are on the road look left then right. Some people had some ideas like if you are online never talk to strangers because you never know who they are. Be safe when your  on a bike because you might be ran over or injured. Who can we tell when something has happened? You can tell your family and friends. So what Mrs Jones is trying to say be safe!


by Sara and Ibrahim

Bird watching

image imageThanks for inviting me on a super day out walking on the Wirral Year 4! I have to say, I loved twitching in the bird hide. You amazed me with how quickly you all picked up the names of different birds: the house sparrow, the blue tit, the great tit, the bull finches and Mrs Moorhen! But who was your favourite? Your use of the keys to spot the tiny differences in the birds was exceptional! Well done. From Miss Jones


Trip to West Kirby

What a fantastic day we had in West Kirby! We made sandcastles, walked along the beach and Mr Kerwin took us on an adventure through the long grass. We also played a few games of rounders after lunch. Despite the bit of rain, everyone really enjoyed themselves!

Thank you to the staff that came with us!

Anglo-Saxon shields!

We’ve been making Anglo-Saxon shields as part of our Art this term. Having studied them in History beforehand, the children have a great understanding of their culture and tradition. We made the shields using ModRoc and then, painted them once they had dried out. Despite the mess, the children have really enjoyed making them and they have produced some excellent designs


Finishing the week with ERIC time!

The children enjoyed winding down at the end of a busy week with some ERIC time today!

Science club – germination race

image image image image imageToday we put two different seeds in Petri dishes to find out which one will germanate first.

I predict the broad bean will germanate first beacause the broad bean is bigger so I think has more energy stored in it.


By Jerome