Chester Zoo

On Thursday Year 4 went to Chester Zoo and we went to see the animals. We went into a classroom and a man called Mark told us about all the animals that we were going to see. A few seconds later, we went to the sloths area and a sloth fell out of the cage. It was slipping on the glass. It fell right by Heather and my feet. Then, we went to see the penguins, they looked like they were having a race. Then we went to the bat cave and a bat hit Keean in the face with it’s wings.

by Keean and Katie

Year 4 Trip to Liverpool Museum

On the 16th of May, Year 4 went to the museum. The first room we went into was on level 2. There were stuffed animals like owls, birds, a rhinoseerous bird, hedgehogs, mice, rats, foxes, snakes, a scaly tourtous,  and a scaly fish. We had a talk from a man who told us about classifying animals. It was interesting and we saw a pickled snake! Then, we to level 3 to look at the bug area. There where coakroches, terachulars and millions of red ants climbing up a rope with peaces of an apple. It was really wierd because we learned that butterflies don’t have a backbone – animals that don’t have a backbone are called invertibrates. Then, we went into the aquerium, there were lots of colourful fish and crabs and lobsters. It was a fun time at the museum, after reading our blog would you like to go?

By Lily Neary and Mason Mould

Lego Lion

In Year 4 we have been making lego animals. We have be using lego education which is a programme on the computer. Some children have been going out in groups with Miss Jones. CJ found making the lego lion frustrating because he tried to do it twice, but it kept breaking. Eventually, CJ had to start all over again to build his lion.  We all found it frustrating but in the end we all helped each other and built them. We liked building our lions and next we are going to programme them to move and make noises.

by Mia, Marcel, Malak, CJ and Akash

st francis of asisi activies

Year 4 went to St Francis of Asisi. First, we did English and we got to eat six sweets! We had breakfast and we went out to play. Then, we did  science. There we got to set things on fire… It was fun!! Then, we did geography and we got to create are own islands. Next, we had lunch we ate cookie  & chicken curry. After, when it was play time, we did dodge ball. After that, we did some music and made are own beats. Finally, we did some more English .


Flower Power by Keean

Today me, Thomas and Ben went in the willow spider with Miss Jones. We collected different flowers, twigs and interesting stones and made patterns on the floor in the spider. While we were collecting twigs, we saw some insects  and different creatures. I saw a baby scorpion!

Next week, we are going to look through the microscope at different mini-beasts – hopefully, we’ll see the baby scorpian again!!!

By Keean

Thurstaston by Mason and Thomas

Year 4 are going on a trip to Thurstaston on Friday. We are geting the mini-bus there in the morning.  Here are some names of some animals that might be there. First a donkey, seals, rabbits, horses and many more. We will go to the beach and might get to see some fish and jelly fish!

Y4 Arabic Day

On Arabic day Mrs. Bashammakh came and helped us write our names in Arabic. It was hard writing our names because some people didn’t know how to write it. Only one person knew how to write their name in Arabic. The rest went to Mrs Bashammakh to help them. In the afternoon we got to taste Arabic food and we used our Arabic names to make our art work.

By Mallak, Ayah and Amelia

African dancing

Last Wednesday Movema came in  and showed us how to do African dance. We had so much fun. It made eveyone tired in the hall. It was the funniest thing we have ever done. It was so hot in the hall. We were all having a laugh.  At the end we all danced our way out of the hall. We were not so tierd after we sat down. We said a big  thank you to Movema. We really enjoyed ourselves.

by Lily and Katie

Rangoli paterns

In Year 4 we have been making Rangoli patterns. Rangoli paterns are really hard to do. There are lots of rangoli patterns but its good fun to do. you can use your fingers to do one or use crayons. When I did it  I had fun. You could do it with partners or with more people. There are lots of rangoli patterns.

by Akash


On Spanish Day Year 4 made Paella.We didn’t do it ourslevs a lady came in and helped us make it.She gave us some vegtabels like  onion , garlic , celery , tomatoes , parsely and pepper. Later, we  cooked the vegetables with chicken and Paella rice.We got to help the lady cook it. We had to mix it up and wait for it to get cooked.When we got to put lemon in it. Some people liked it but some people didn’t like it. At the end most of the people liked it. We had a lot of fun making it. Here are some pictures