Shoe box appeal

This year we made 47 shoe boxes. Which was 10 more than last year. We raised £35 for the fuel for the plane. You will be wowed by the amount of shoe boxes we make next year. Thank you for all your help and support with the appeal.

By Tracey & Joe



I will be adding some riddles for you all to solve each week. Think carefully before answering. Try the ones below – you might want your parents to help…

What 2 things cannot be eaten at breakfast?

What is harder to catch the faster you run?

What belongs to you but others use more than you do?

I look forward to hearing all your answers (don’t forget parents can try and solve the riddles too). If they are too easy I will make them harder next week!

Mr. Verdin

Notre Dame School

Ever Monday, we go to Notre Dame  by mini bus.When we get there we  go to the drama studio and we get to pick what we want to do like dance,p.e,drama,art and music.They all start at 4.15 and finish at 5.20.The dance is based on snow white when she get’s into the forest.For the drama you have to do an audition to get in it. In P.E you get warmed up and do lots of games. We go back to the drama studio and some times show are dance then we see if are teachers are back if there back we go on the  mini bus. Notre Dame is very fun  for all years and we love going!

Blogged by Abbey and Malak (helped by Jake and Kaiden – Year 5)

Trumpets and Guitars

When we started music we learned to use the trumpet,our trumpet teacher was Mr Banks.We were very excited but when Mr Banks came in we thought we were going to get our trumpets the first week,it wasn’t ordered thats why we didn’t get them but the 3rd week we did.

First we all kept on blowing air but no sound came out our trumpets! Then Mr Banks told us to buzz,after we buzzed sound came out our trumpets…we were all amazed!! We all loved our trumpets lessons,we were so good we learned how to play jingle bells in front  of the whole school for Christmas-that was nerve wrecking.When we moved to year 5 some of us carried on trumpet lessons ,some of us didn’t. Now we know loads of new songs like old english songs.

In Year 6 we have been learning the guitar for a couple of years. When we started we thought it was hard as we didn’t know how to play guitar. But after the months went past we all progressed and thats why we like to play the guitar. We all enjoyed it because our teacher was so great and funny  as well. He could play all the latest songs and thats why we love to play guitar. It’s great because we were given a guitar to take home so we could practise and were able to then do some performances for our class…and even the whole school!

Blogged by Shahien and Ayub – Year 5 (Trumpets) and Tyrell, Gouma, Miguel and Mohammed – Year 6 (Guitars)

World record attempt

As we arrived, we could hear children screaming with excitement. After a short while, we got to the front of the row. We had a short rehearsal before attempting the world record, then had lunch and finally attempted the  record. After we done it all of us were wondering if we had broken it. Eventually… the woman began to speak and said we had beaten the world record. All of us were overjoyed as we were all world record holders.

By Antonia and Mohammed

Athletics 2012

All day, we couldn’t wait for the atmosphere to start and to know that St.Patricks are the best ! The first race was year 5 hurdles.With an amzing score from Desire year 5 hurdles boys he came first over all , Gouma came 5th over all . Reece and Bradley began to run when they heard the loud gun shot – they did amazingly well! Finally , it came to the end of the hurdles race with Nevaeh and Maire-France with an outstanding  score .Next, it was Mia she came 2nd in the 600 metres , Joseph came 5th in the 800 (wow! that was a very hard race!). With the best score of the day Armane  came first in every race (75 meters and the 135 metres) What a fantastic performance… and Teo came 2nd behind him. Megan and Rikitta kept this up finishing 1st and 2nd in both the 75m and 135m races. Tyrellcame first in high jump with a cheesy smile on his face. All of the relay teams give star perfomances. Yet again both Year 6 girls and boy brought home 1st places. The whole team did fantastically well in all their performances. Fingers crossed we can repeat this again on Wednesday!

By Reece and Nevaeh

St.Patricks choir concert

On Tuesday 13th  March, St.Patricks choir went to a concert at St.Margaret Marys. As we stepped off the bus, we were amazed of how many children were there. Then, we headed inside the church and we watched the other school rehearse until it was our turn.

Finally, it was our turn we started to sing our songs we have been learning in choir, which are : count on me by Bruno Mars and 11 song mix up. I think it’s fair to say we all felt extremely nervous as all the eyes in the church turned on us. We were in the spotlight! However, we didn’t let this effect our performance and sang our hearts out. When the judge heard Robyn and Katie do their solo she loved it! The judge said they did exceptionally well., even though Katie is in year 3 she can sing so confidently.

Unfortunately, two of the schools couldn’t make it so our concert was quite short. Finally, it was time to go home. We all enjoyed the concert so much and can’t wait untill the next one!

By Mia and Sophie

First ever netball competion!

The second we got into school, all we could think about was the netball competion.Everyone was wondering if we were going t0 do well. All we were doing was practing to make our school amazingly proud! As soon as we leapt in to the mini bus, we where all shaking with nerves. After that , we were ready to play netball.

As soon as we got there, we were astonished with how many schools where there. It was our turn, so we got up and quickly got in to our positions. The bell went, then the whistle! It started and we had the first ball. All of us spread out ready to compete. Suddenly, the tournament was over and time had flown past us.

After that , it was time to go home . Everyone was happy with the score and proud of how our new team had performed.

By Nevaeh


Final league race for the cross country team

As soon as we were entering Wavetree Park, all of our hearts stopped beating. Its like  the preasure was entering our bodies and pulling us down. I couldn’t beleive how many children that were there! It was time.  The boys were ready to start there race, while the girls cheered them on from the side. Looking at them, it was like a cheatah ready to pounce. The whistle sounded and off the pack went. Straight away, Theo sprinted to the front (good job his shoe didn’t fall off this time!). Then, they disappeared into the distance.

Next, the girls stepped up. We were all shaking with nerves and legs like jelly. Again, the whistle sounded and off we went, surrounded by swarms with other children and other schools. As we reached the half way point, we all felt the stain, wondering if we could continue. Then, through the other nosie,  Mr.Verdin was cheering us on, shouting to keep going, giving us the strength to continue.

At the end, our fans were there! Our great parents supporting us as we started our sprint finish. All children did extremely well, in particular Joseph came 8th and Alex came 9th. We were all extremely proud of them and ourselves.

Well done the cross country team!

By Robyn