What a performance!

Just wanted to post and say well done to Year 1 & 2 on their nativity performance today. You were all STARS and everyone at St Patrick’s is so, so proud of you! The best nativity ever!


Mrs Jones

Story Teller

The story telling started after the assembly but first year 5 went in. It was in the sensory room. When year 5 entered the sensory room it was dark and looked christmasy, we all thought it Christmas already! We were told a story from Norway and she played a tune on the harp so we could think we were in Norway! It was a stormy tune (just like being at sea) and a Christmasy tune. The moral of the story was kind gifts last forever.

by Shahien, Jake and Kaiden

This Week’s Riddles

Hi everyone, my class seem to have gone riddle crazy this week. Here are a few more for you all to work out…

If you count from 1 to 100, how many 7s will you pass on the way?

What can pass before the sun without making a shadow?

What is higher without the head than with it?

Remember to add some of your own!

Mr. Verdin

Awe and Wonder Week 10th December

Monday sees the beginning of Awe and Wonder Week. This will be a week where we will be encouraging the children to see the ‘wow factor’ in the activities we are doing, and to ask questions about the things they wonder about. They will be doing lots of activities that will make them think and will leave them awestruck. We will be having an assembly on Monday morning to start the week off and will end the week with one of our Show and Tell assemblies on Friday morning. Parents and Carers, please feel free to attend the assemblies.

Singing in Liverpool 1

The choir sang christmas songs today in Liverpool 1. We were helping raise money for the charity Heart Research UK. We were extremely cold but the choir sang beautifully and Mr Larkin accompanied the children very well, (although I’m not sure he could feel his fingers by the end of it!!). It was worth braving the cold as we raised a marvellous £103! Well done to everyone involved!

Mrs. Lewis


It is a joy of a time in basketball club.We learn to perform skills (it is an amazing time).I like to play games in basketball club (there’s nothing better! ). We also learn team skills and learn how to get along with our team members (wether we  like them or not!!).



By Mohammed

Some more riddles…

Hi everyone, you all seemed to enjoy last weeks riddles and made some great guesses. Below are a few more for you to try. Why not post some of your own riddles on the blog?

What kind of dress can never be worn?

What two keys cannot open any doors?

What word looks the same upside down and backwards?

Mr. Verdin

Football club meet James Vaughan

Year 5 and 6 football club meeting James Vaughan – Oct 2012