A message from Mr Devaney

Today’s  Carousel of presentations given by the School’s Subject Leaders was absolutely brilliant!  All the displays clearly showed the progress that was being made in each area and how the curriculum was being taught for the maximum benefit of all the children. There  were so many instances of outstanding approaches and achievements across the school, it was just fantastic to see. Lots of the subject areas overlapped with each other, illustrating the close cooperation needed to ensure that a complete and coherent picture was being  taught  to each year.

Well done to all those who prepared the Carousel displays, a lot of time and preparation had gone in to making them eyecatching, informative and interesting. Your hard work is much appreciated.

Well done to all staff for the top class education they are providing and to the children for their hard work and achievements.

I am so proud and honoured to be a Governor at St Patrick’s.

Mr Devaney


Science singing assembly

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageI was thrilled by your amazing work for the science singing assembly! An amazing effort by every class from foundation stage to year 6!

What facts has your class’ song helped you to learn?

At trip to the World Museum

Today we went to the World Museum. We saw interesting tombs that were over a 1000 years old and mummified bodies! All the facts that we read were fantastic and useful for all of us. The animals, the dinosaur bones, the bugs, the ancient Egyptions body’s and tombs and not forgetting the aquarium – was an unforgettable experience (that we all enjoyed).

IMG_3980 IMG_3979 IMG_3977 IMG_3975 IMG_3973 IMG_3965

School councils trip to the world museum

😊 we had so much fun in the museum first we went to the aquarium and saw a live lobster.We also saw mummy’s tombs⚰ it was so cool!We learnt a lot of scientific facts as well as having lots of fun.We saw lots of stuffed animals and that was sad☹️ but it was still fun.

IMG_3972 IMG_3971 IMG_3970 IMG_3969 IMG_3968 IMG_3967 IMG_3966

Barcelona Day 5

We have just returned from an amazing week inBarcelona! Friday was a relaxing day spent chilling in the pool and doing a little bit of gift shopping by the beach (after stopping for an ice cream, of course). The children loved seeing everyone in our FaceTime session too! We got back to school at about 1am and we had lots of tired children (and staff!), but we have had a wonderful experience that we will never forget.

We are so proud of how well the children have behaved and represented our school this week. They have spoken lots of Spanish, gained a lot of confidence and independence, and even tried lots of new food that they wouldn’t normally eat! It has been great learning about a different culture and a different part of the world in such a fun and interesting way.

Well done, everyone! ¡Adiós!

image image image image image

Early Years Election Day!

We had a wonderful time on election day learning about the importance of voting, and in simple terms how the voting system works. As we are learning about dinosaurs, we read and discussed information about three different dinosaurs, and then voted for our favourites. We had one vote each, ballot papers and a ballot box. Later we sorted and counted the votes. The scores were diplodocus 14, Tyrannosaurus Rex 13, and Stegosaurus 1! (A hung dinosaur parliament – how exciting!)

Later we used our vote again to select our dinners.

Have a look at our pictures below!

Barcelona Day 4

Today, we have spent a fantastic day in Port Aventura! We had so much fun on all the different rides and attractions. Jerome, Kieran, Erin and Kara braved the Shambala, the tallest rollercoaster in Europe! Lots of the boys and girls even took part in a Polynesian show, busting out their dance moves!

Thank you to everyone who has commented on our blogs; we have loved reading them.


Barcelona Day 3

It’s been another busy, fun-filled day in Catalonia today! After a good old St Pat’s sing song on the coach journey, our first stop was the chocolate factory! We learned all about the process of making chocolate and what makes up the different kinds of chocolate. We even got to taste the different chocolates and pick our favourite! After that, we visited the Freixenet factory to learn about how the local Cava wines are produced – lots of science this morning! At the end of the Cava tour, we got to try some ‘mosto’, a grape juice made from the locally grown grapes – delicioso!

Next came Montserrat, a beautiful monastery in the mountains of Catalonia…with spectacular views! We saw the famous statue of the Black Madonna, learning about the legend of the statue that has made it such an important religious icon. We also learned about the scientific tests that have been carried out recently, revealing that the statue has changed colour over time, either due to exposure to candle smoke or because of a chemical reaction with the paint-sealing varnish! After visiting the statue, we lit a candle and said a prayer for all the people at home and around the world, before a period of quiet reflection in the beautiful basilica. It was so peaceful and the children were wonderfully behaved.

Tomorrow is Port Aventura. Wish you were here!


Attendance News: update on the race to make Mr. Potato Head

The race is on!

Each class that achieves a class attendance of 97% or higher wins a piece of Mr. Potato Head and the first class to build a complete Mr. Potato Head wins a class prize of their choice!

Last school year Year 3 won and chose a trip to Spring City trampoline park. So far this school year Year 2 won and chose a trip to the Yellow Submarine play centre. Every time a class wins, the race starts again.

Currently we have three classes in lead position:

Neck and neck we have Year 4 and Year 6 with 9 pieces of Mr. Potato Head each. In the lead we have Year 5 with 11 pieces of Mr. Potato Head and only has 2 more pieces to collect!

Anything can happen in over the next few weeks so keep making sure your class has great attendance by making sure you have great attendance, and remember…

You’ve got to be in to win!



Bark and Read 7.6.17

Today Anthony brought Lisa the Lurcher to come and meet us. Lisa is about 3 years old and Alexie said her coat was the same colours and pattern as the painted dogs at Chester Zoo!

Lisa was a very chilled dog indeed! She was friendly and very relaxed. She seemed to find our reading very calming because she lay back listening to us, and she nearly fell asleep.

IMG_3956 IMG_3957 IMG_3959 IMG_3961 IMG_3962